Joseph A. Marrone, MEd

Joseph A. Marrone

Expertise: Vocational Rehabilitation, Policy/Program Design of Employment Services, Workplace Supports, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Program Management, Quality Assurance, Workforce Development, Welfare to Work

Joe is a senior program manager for public policy at the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). During his time with ICI, he has worked on several federally funded rehabilitation research and training centers focused on vocational rehabilitation management. He also worked on a Rehabilitation Services Administration research grant helping recipients of Social Security disability benefits achieve economic self-sufficiency. Today, Joe works with Tribal and Alaska Native programs across the country, and with the UMass Medical School research grant on helping youth with psychiatric disabilities find and maintain successful employment.

Joe has consulted, trained, and lectured in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico, Asia, and Europe. He has been on the staffs of the New England Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Program and the UMass Boston/Michigan State University Training Grant in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, as well as the University of Pittsburgh/Western Psychiatric Institute’s National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Grant.

Joe has been an adjunct faculty member of the New England School of Professional Psychology and the Boston University School of Medicine. He serves on the editorial boards of 5 peer-reviewed professional journals.

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