Instructional Media Services

Does your team or agency need training? Online training is attractive for its convenience and price, but it can be hard to choose from the wide variety of options out there.

The instructional media team here at the Institute for Community Inclusion can solve this problem by customizing a training geared toward your agency’s specific needs. Here’s how it works:

Aim at one goal at a time. Training is most effective when it’s highly focused on what your team needs most. Because the instruction we’ll build for you is video-based, your staff can watch and interact with it at their own pace, while you track their progress toward their goals.

Incorporate instructional design. What is the best way to deliver specific skills to your audience? Through our systematic approach, we’ll help you define the content and identify the instructional assets your audience needs. Together, we’ll choose the most effective media formats for your team, including case scenarios, interviews, content promotions, full video online courses, and mini-documentaries.

Deploy your new content to train your staff. When completed, you can share the customized instruction with your staff via your own website, learning management system, or social media. Or we can host it for you.

Track the impact of the training. We use data tracking to make changes and improvements to media content, assess its effectiveness, and inform you how your instructional strategy is working.

Want to learn more about our customized online training options? Email Alvaro Tobar.