Melissa Alford, MHS

Melissa Alford, MHS

Melissa Alford is a Research Study Coordinator at the Institute for Community Inclusion. She has over ten years of experience in research and advocacy for people with disabilities, with a primary focus on mental health.

Melissa has been a project lead on the Vocational Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Demand-Side Strategies. This project involved researching promising practices to help both businesses and people with disabilities seeking employment.

Melissa’s role included collecting the nominations, consulting with an expert panel to choose the practices, conducting the interviews, analyzing and reporting the data, and disseminating the data to different audiences. She has also participated in survey design, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and report writing for several other projects at ICI.

Prior to coming to ICI, Melissa worked for several other agencies conducting research on mental health systems and treatment. She has conducted in-person interviews with consumers on inpatient psychiatric units, day treatment centers, and outpatient units. She has also worked on national projects involving the funding of mental health centers and the different types of services received.

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